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Yu artisan soap

 Yu artisan soap is built upon a simple idea, being mindful of quality routines supporting natural skincare.

We achieve this idea by creating a soap that removes artificial products from your daily routine.

With our cold process soap technique, we use only 100% natural oils and ingredients that are slowly and carefully

combined in a month-long curing process which produces an incredible quality soap with a creamy lather bubbling

full of natural glycerin and squalene which moisturises and cares for the skin as you wash.

We proudly produce our soaps in small batches, each batch is handcrafted, numbered, dated and signed by our soap

craftswoman to ensure the best quality.

Naturally supporting a healthy skin cycle is very important. Synthetic products destroy your skins natural barriers, replacing theses with Yu soap will revitalise your skin, simplify your routine and save you money.

Believe in and support your natural system.

CONTAINS NO Paraben, animal fat, palm oil, artificial fragrance and synthetic surfactant

Yuko Profile.png

Soapmaker and owner

Yuko Bayer

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